About Us

WheelsBridge AB stems from four decades of development of new technologies for assessment of various skin parameters including the Evaporimeter (transepidermal water loss), the Laser Doppler Flowmeter (microcirculation) and the Laser Doppler Imager (microvascular imaging) at the department of Biomedical Engineering, Linköpings Universitet.

Our intention with WheelsBridge AB is to develop and bring to market innovative technologies for easy assessment of tissue viability. Our first product is the TIVI700 2.0 Tissue Viability Imager intended primarily for skin testing in association with skin care product and drug development. In the development of the TiVi700 2.0 system focus has been on the creation of a technology that is versatile and easy to use and yet affordable to a wide range of customers. Successively we have developed tool-boxes for a variety of applications. The TiVi60 Skin Damage Visualizer is intended for mapping of contact excema and damages to the circulation of the hands following operation of vibrating tools. In the development of the TiVi60 system emphasis has been on the possibility to perform work-site investigations of skin damage in occupational medicine. The TiVi70 Skin Colour Tracker maps alterations in skin colour over time and over a specific surface. The TiVi80 Spot Analyzer assists the dermatologist in the assessment of facial spots such as acne. An integrated Project monitor analyses and displays data from an entire panel test. The TiVi90 Wrinkle Analyzer and the TiVi95 Surface Analyzer automatically analysis the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite formations typically before and after treatment. The TiVi97 Pigmentation Analyzer analysis the melanin content of the skin and creates a map of the skin pigmentation. The TiVi98 Microstructure Analyzer processes images of high resolution (about 5 micrometers per pixel) and is intended for the analysis of small objects such as hair and stubble elements. The integrated TiVi Video-mode was developed with the aim to analyze rapid microvascular events such as capillary refilling and reactive hyperaemia. The TiVi101 Sweat Gland Analyzer and the TiVi102 Nevus Analyzer constitute versatile tools for analysis of dynamic sweat gland activity and nevus lesions respectively. The TiVi103 Wound Analyzer is intended for user-independent analysis of wounds and the tissue repair process. The TiVi104 Stubble Analyzer is intended for user-independent analysis of stubble elements skin irritation. The TiVi106 Oxygen Mapper is intended for user-independent trend analysis of oxy- and deoxy-haemoglobin. The TiVi201 Multi Colours Tracker is intended for mapping photo areas with colours within a colour space selected by the user. The TiVi202 Small Objects Tracker is intended for counting and mapping blackhead and whitehead spots (comedos) in a stack of photos.

The TiVi700 2.0 PLUS software integrates an OXY Page with the basic system software for rapid analysis of Hb-oxygen and HB-deoxygen in the microcirculation as well as built in features for analysis of skin pigmentation.

In one of our current research projects, the TiVi camera probes the skin microcirculation through a transparent window in a pressure cuff applied to the forearm. By incrementally increasing the cuff pressure, different compartments of the microcirculation can be investigated separately.

It is our hope that the TiVi700 2.0 and the associated tool-boxes will open up new possibilities for investigation of the skin, increase your productivity and add new dimensions to your professional life.