More about Applications

In the development and evaluation of skin care products, cosmetics and textiles, the TiVi700 2.0 Tissue Viability Imager is the ideal tool for productive and efficient product assessment. The irritative potential of tested products can be displayed in terms of images, video-clips and statistical data all independent of the actual user or the laboratory at which the investigations are performed. TiVi700 2.0 can also be used to evaluate razors, diapers, napkins, sanitary towels, deodorants and many other products that potentially can have an effect on the skin.

In patch testing procedures including irritation grading and allergy assessment, the sensitive skin responds by vasodilatation often judged by visual scoring. Using the TiVi700 2.0 system in such applications, the response can be quantified in a user- and laboratory-independent way, thereby facilitating the comparison of results obtained by different users and in different laboratories at different points in time.

In drug development pharmacodynamic effects can be assessed by use of the TiVi700 2.0 system. This application involves e.g. transepidermal drug diffusion by way of iontophoresis. By using the video-mode the dynamics of the reaction can be readily demonstrated and analyzed with respect to dose and rate of administration.

In microvascular research, the TiVi700 2.0 system is particularly useful for studies of how the microvascular bed reacts to internal or external stimuli. The high spatial resolution makes it possible to study maximal or minimal reactions within a region of interest, thereby increasing understanding of how the different compartments in the microvasculature interact.

In occupational medicine the TiVi60 Skin Damage Visualizer  is well suited for investigation of skin damaged by aggressive chemicals or use of vibrating tools.

Follow changes in skin colour as an indicator of development and progression of skin disease or heling process by use of the TiVi70 Skin Colour Tracker.

The TiVi80 Spot Analyzer assists the dermatologist in the assessment of facial spots such as acne. An integrated Project monitor analyses and displays data from an entire panel test.

The TiVi90 Wrinkle Analyzer and the TiVi95 Surface Analyzer automatically analyzes the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite formations typically before and after treatment.

The TiVi97 Pigment Analyzer automatically analyzes the melanin content of a skin area and creates a pigmentation map.

The TiVi98 Microstructure Analyzer is intended for analysis of minute objects such as hair and stubble elements. Analysis of ensembles of objects renders possible a statistical approach to result generation.

The TiVi101 Sweat Gland Activity Analyzer analyzes reflections from sweat drops using co-polarized light and can dynamically follow the discharge of sweat drops from an ensemble of sweat glands.

The TiVi102 Nevus Analyzer automatically analyzes nevus lesions and other objects and calculates their colours, areas, borders and diameters.

The TiVi103 Wound Analyzer automatically analyzes wounds and the tissue repair process by calculating the area of various tissue components.

The TiVi104 Stubble Analyzer automatically analyzes stubble elements and the skin microcirculation.

The TiVi106 Oxygen Mapper automatically analyzes trends in oxy- and deoxy-haemoglobin.