More about Features

The TiVi700 2.0 system comprises an EOS Canon system camera with a light emitting diode Illuminator and a lap-top computer. The compact design makes it truly portable and the complete system can easily be moved between laboratories or from the laboratory to the work place for on-site examination of skin microvascular events.

The TiVi700 2.0 system automatically captures up to 9999 images in a sequence with a maximal frequency of 20 images per minute. Since each image is captured instantaneously, temporal variations in the microcirculation cannot be misinterpreted as heterogeneity in RBC concentration over a skin surface.

Each image is displayed as a two-dimensional colour map. Each pixel in an image is represented by a numerical value corresponding to the RBC concentration at the actual skin site. These values are used for further analysis of image data.

An overview of the entire sequence of images can easily be attained by use of the Manual or Automatic Step Through function.

A user controlled Mask automatically derives regions of low or high blood concentration throughout the entire sequence of images.

Statistical analysis can be performed on a single image or on the entire sequence of images in batch-mode. High and low RBC concentration areas in the images can be automatically displayed and analyzed individually or in batch-mode.

In order to get a quick overview of microvascular events recorded over an extended period of time, the sequence of images can be played back as a time-compressed video-clip. This is a useful option for revealing features of the part of the image sequence that is to be further processed and analyzed.

Integrated Wizards assist in the image analysis to increase the productivity in batch mode operation.

Features for correction of regions of interest (ROI)  position makes it possible to analyze a sequence of images in batch mode even if the skin test area shifts in position during the experiment.

The captured images or derived image data can easily be exported to other software packages for further statistical analysis and presentation.

Features for visualizing microvascular pulse  in real time and in video playback mode.